WA Potatoes

WA Potatoes

Perth, Western Australia

Project Brief
Breadbox Marketing and PR worked with Potato Growers Association to deliver a campaign that would encourage the sale of potatoes and showcase varieties.  Breadbox worked to deliver a strong strategy and positioning for the new company name, WA Potatoes.

Campaign creative was the next step to take to market - Todatoes.  Potatoes aren’t just for Sundays. They’re for today. And tomorrow. And the day after. They are the ultimate every day food. The creative was based on a strategic audience insight - West Australians think of potatoes as a carbohydrate and not a vegetable.

The team at Breadbox worked to on developing:
  • Brand and campaign strategy
  • Marketing and Communications Planning
  • Creative development
  • Public Relations
  • Social Media

Todatoes is an integrated campaign in partnership for digital advertising, social media, influencer engagement, TVC, and public relations.

Website: todatoes.com.au
Recipe gifs: View here

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