Writer's block is not in our DNA

There are five mistakes in this page and our editing team can find them in the blink of an eye. Writing is a unique skill that requires a keen eye for detail, a grammatical disposition, and a creative flair to bring a page to life. Our in-house copywriter is always on hand to ensure that every piece of writing that leaves our boutique agency is well crafted and edited to precision.

When you put your name to a piece of writing, the receiver will draw certain conclusions about you; your intention, your tone, your professionalism, your ability, your background, your relationship; the list goes on. The same thing is true about a company/ brand and it is therefore essential to ensure that all written communication is delivered in alignment with the business strategy, brand tone and style, and company direction, all with your receiver in mind.

From a punchy headline to an in-depth annual report, each piece of writing must first consider the alignment of tense, narrative mode, tone, target audience, objective, and the call to action. The rules of copywriting need to be applied to every execution, no matter how big or small.

At Breadbox Marketing, our resident copywriter is skilled and experienced in long copy such as tender documents, annual reports, and full website writing, as well as creative slogans and business names.
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