Food Styling

Food Styling

To enjoy food is to eat with all of the senses.

As the age old saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words. A precisely styled food image can tell a story about taste, texture, enjoyment, and even communicate an emotional connection associated with eating a particular meal.

The right image can make hearts (and tummies) skip a beat. It will cause audiences to bypass rationality and skip straight to the stage of desire. This is why it is imperative you put the best image forward.

Competition in the foodie market is intense; beautiful images of food are everywhere, all vying for the same attention. It is impossible to turn the page of a magazine, open your facebook feed, or turn on the TV without seeing an image of a meal. With this much saturation, it is often hard for novices to style and present their food in a way that demands attention.

Breadbox Marketing can create a food scene, not just an image, that communicates everything the meal has to offer. It may be for a brochure, website, print advertisement, digital campaign, social media post, or a newsletter; food styling can showcase a product as well as strengthen a brand and increase visibility.

Food styling is a design process that requires an artistic approach, from the balance of colours, to selecting the correct lighting, and sourcing the perfect cutlery and props. Our food stylists will help you capture and create the perfect image to earn that elusive foodie tick of approval.
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