A brand is much more than just a logo.

A brand has a personality and quite a narcissistic one at that. The intangible asset of a company, business, not-for-profit organization, event, or even celebrity is called a brand. It is what defines the offering, it is the public persona, the image, and it holds a lot of information including intellectual property – brand equity is the value of all of these things.

Image is almost everything. However, branding is not just about looks, it’s about how to connect emotionally with the customer. A brand strategy is the foundation of the marketing communication plan, and is something no business should be without.

The branding and brand position of a company needs careful consideration to ensure that it resonates with the target market and accurately reflects the products and services offered. Beyond this, it has to have consistent messaging and stay true to the core business offerings. A lot of planning, research, and strategy goes into developing a brand that works and enriches each business.

Evolution is also important to ensure that the brand remains a true representation of the business. As soon as it stops being fresh and stops connecting with the target market, brand equity is compromised and people stop paying attention. We can fix this.

We believe that any brand - no matter how outdated or unloved - can flourish with the right attention. With a little bit of T.L.C., Breadbox Marketing can create a brand that not only has equity, but that becomes one of your businesses greatest assets – a brand that internal staff and consumers can align with and that the wider public can recognise.

We will love your brand almost as much as you do. We get to know your business inside out and back to front, so that we can reflect the true essence of your business through branding.

We thrive on creating a unique and strategic brands for our clients. Check out our portfolio of work or read more about Breadbox logo design.
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