Public Relations

Public Relations

Public Relations plays an important role in most businesses’ marketing plans.

"There is no such thing as bad PR”. This is debatable, but the need for PR is not. Public Relations is an often overlooked but very important marketing function that can also be referred to as Media Relations, Corporate Communications, Stakeholder Relations, and even Events Management.

Whichever word you use, PR takes time, an in depth knowledge of the local media landscape, an extensive list of industry contacts, and major wordsmith skills to get right – all with a concise strategy to back it up.

Public Relations is a must for all businesses, big or small. It can be used to get the word ‘out there’ about a new business or service, add a bit of hype surrounding a long-lived product, or inform the public of an upcoming event.

Here at Breadbox, we can help you optimise this ‘free’, but often neglected and overlooked, media exposure. Using some of the best journalistic writers in Perth, we research the angle, select the publications to target, and write a press release* of interest that aims to appeal to editors and readers alike.

* Press release; Noun. An article written in a standardised way to alert journalists of a story that may interest their readers. It tells journalists the story is at a glance, making their job easier and making it more likely that they will cover the news or story.

Journalists get hundreds of press releases every day so we aim to stand out from the crowd with a strong newsworthy angle and a creative writing style. Get in touch with our Public Relations Agency and speak to our gurus, we will ensure that your PR is working for you and not against you.
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